Somehow you’ve found my blog! My goal here is to share (hopefully) interesting things that I am working on. Please note that this blog is my own work and is not endorsed by my employer.

Who are you?
My name is Matthew, and I work for Microsoft as a Program Manager on the Azure Application Platform. In particular, I work on Azure Mobile Services. Outside of work, I’m a runner, a volleyballer, and a culinary adventurist. In addition to programming languages and English, I also attempt to speak Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Where did the name “A Cup of Code” come from?
Sometimes I ask myself that very question. Part of it has to do with the old joke that programmers are machines that convert coffee into code. Part of it is because I now live in Seattle, famous for coffee among other things. I also drew some inspiration from a recent trip to China, where I bought much more tea than I care to admit…